• 1.

    Connections – The business owners and operators

    you meet through the Council can be your

    clients and open doors to other companies to

    help grow your business.

  • 2.

    Business advocates – Your ability to influence

    public policy on common business problems

    becomes greater as more voices are added

    to advocate on behalf of businesses like yours.

  • 3.

    Credibility –Membership in an American Council 

    is considered a must by the international  public

    and other businesses for your business to be

    taken seriously and be considered a viable player

    in your industry.

  • 4.

    Resources –The problems you face in business

    are likely shared by your fellow men and women

    in the business community. What better way

    to talk through difficulties or problems in your

    business than discussing with those who are

    walking on the same path as you.

  • 5.

    Intelligence – You don’t have time to stay on

    top of all the local, regional, international,

    and state issues which could impact your

    business, but that’s at the heart of what

    we do. We keep you informed so that

    you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • 6.

    Training – Whether it is a lunch and learn or a

    seminar on improving your company’s

    marketing, the Council hosts countless

    programs to help you increase your skills in all

    aspects of your business.

  • 7.

    Involvement – Consumers and business owners

    and operators want to do business with someone

    who is vested in their community.

  • 8.

    Marketing – What better way to introduce your

    business to potential worldwide  clients than

    through Council-sponsored events that attract

    other businesses and the public.

  • 9.

    Standing – When you sit on business committees

    and eventually advance into leadership positions,

    you are seen by the international public

    and other business owners and operators

    as an expert in your field.

  • 10

    Giving back –When you give back to your

    community you’re helping others, and that helps

    the business community become stronger.

    When the business community is vibrant and

    strong, the local economy is stronger, and that

    is good for all businesses that depend on

    consumers’ ability to spend in the local


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