Tarcisio Ximenes Foto Professional #2.jp

Tarcisio Ximenes 


Award-winning leader, global economics, worldwide investor.

Passionate about people.

Rafael Canassa

Director of Membership

Business administrator at Cartorio Brasil, husband, passionate about travel.


Director of Social & Institutional Affairs 

Entrepreneur, awarded athlete, wife, passionate about people. 

Ana Paula Ximenes - Foto.jpg

Ana Paula Aguiar

Executive Secretary Treasure

Passionate about God, mom, excellence in entrepreneurship and finance management.


Marcio Keske

Director of Sports Affairs

Husband, Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Athlete and creator of events Real Fight, Soul Fight , SFF.

Passionate about Sports & Social projects.

Ricardo Rios

Director of Agriculture ,Intl Business Affairs

Business management, Insurance agency, husband, passionate about family business.

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