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ABC Ambassador Program 


1.Object of ABC Honorific Ambassador
The purpose of this program is to select, permanently and continuously, influencers from the artistic, sports, business, scientific, digital influences or notorious branches in America and Brazilian society, to integrate the program "HONORIFIC AMBASSADOR OF AMERICA BRAZIL COUNCIL", subjecting where applicable, the provisions of ABC BYLAWS.

2.Candidate Requirements
2.1. Candidates must comply with the following:
2.1.1. Be critically acclaimed and recognized as an influential person in your business field;
2.1.2. Possess unblemished LEADERSHIP and good citizen conduct;
2.1.3. To have availability for presential performance in rehearsals, filming and national and international events promoted by ABC, in the scope of the program "HONORIFIC AMBASSADOR OF AMERICA BRAZIL COUNCIL";
2.1.4. Attend meetings previously agreed with ABC;
2.1.5. To assign, in a non-costly and non-exclusive way, the right to image in the actions of the program "AMERICA BRAZIL COUNCIL HONORIFY AMBASSADOR";
2.1.6. Serve as A VOLUNTEER of ABC(Non-profit organization).

3.Submission and submission of application proposals
3.1. The application must be submitted by the applicant or legal representative by an e-mail or in a sealed envelope, enclosing:
3.1.1. Simplified curriculum;
3.1.2.Home address / mailing address;
3.1.3. If applicable, present the media you use (Television, Radio, Cinema, Internet, or other media);
3.1.4.Certificates and equivalent documents proving participation in cultural, sporting, academic, scientific, etc., attesting to public notoriety and acclaim.

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